Deposition of a Pope

The following page will serve to consolidate research and provide scholarly documentation on the topic of Sedevacantism and the topic of the Deposition of a Pope.  This site and its supporters continue to follow the line of Archbishop Lefebvre as opposed to the error of Sedevacantism during the current crisis of the Church.  Updated 15APRIL15

  1. *New!* ON THE DEPOSITION OF A POPE: Text of John of St. Thomas O.P., Translated and annotated by Fr. Pierre-Marie O.P.
  2. Vacancy Sense part I: Bishop Williamson's Eleison Comments
  3. John of St Thomas: Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)
  4. Bellarmine and Suarez on The Question of a Heretical Pope by Robert J. Siscoe
  5. Robert Siscoe and John of St. Thomas Respond to Fr. Cekada Catholic Family News – September 2014
  6. Sedevacantism and the Manifest Heretic by Robert J. Siscoe

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