Monday, December 21, 2015

Theological/Canonical Case Study of "Bishop Ambrose/Moran"– Fr. Juan Carlos Ortiz

A Theological and Canonical Study on the Case of William Edward Moran-Dolgorouky – Fr. Juan Carlos Ortiz

In 2015 a man called William [a.k.a. Ambrose] MORANDOLGOROUKY entered in contact with two priests of Our Lady of Mount Carmel [OLMC] Seminary in Boston, KY, Fathers Joseph PFEIFFER and David HEWKO, claiming to be a ‘Catholic Archbishop’ in good standing with the Catholic Church and claiming he had received a ‘mission’ to help the Traditional Catholic Latin movement, at the request of the late Card. Joseph SLIPYJ (18921984), the former Major Archbishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Church.
At the request of Frs. Pfeiffer and Hewko, a long study of nine (9) pages on Moran’s life and claims has been published on October 31, 2015 by a friend of OLMC, Gregory Taylor, in which the author attempts to prove that Ambrose Moran is what he claims to be, that is, a Catholic Archbishop in good standing with the Catholic Church. Unfortunately, after reading this long study, we have discovered many grave inconsistencies about Ambrose Moran’s past life which opens the way to a legitimate questioning of the authenticity and validity of Ambrose Moran’s claims.

We also consulted the reliable testimony of religious authorities (Catholic and Orthodox) and many documents and interviews available on the Internet concerning William Moran’s life and claims. 1
In order to find the truth about Moran’s claims, we will proceed as follows:
  1. To give some preliminary Theological and Canonical notions;
  2. To ask some important questions about Moran’s claims;
  3. To expose all proven facts and refute the false claims concerning Moran’s Holy Orders;
  4. To assess whether Moran is Catholic;
  5. To arrive at a conclusion

Link to Online PDF Version: here

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