Wednesday, April 9, 2014

SSPX Vs SSPX MC Overview | Conference Fr. Joe Pfeiffer, Sydney AU 30MAR14

If you are trying to catch up with what the Neo-SSPX is saying about the Resistance these days, Fr. Pfeiffer covers many points that are made against it, including; "The Bishop Williamson Card"....that's what they start talking about when they don't have anything real to say, they just say the faithful like Bishop Williamson and that's why they are resisting.

Other accusations against Fr. Pfeiffer and the Resistance Movement, like Fr. Pfeiffer disobeyed and refused to shave! 

However, none of the points they make are answering the doctrinal questions which have been brought up since 2012. The SSPX and Bishop Fellay continue to say, "we haven't changed"....but they HAVE CHANGED! Father also still has hope for Bishop Tissier de Mallarais....he says if he stands up, he will be clear and strong...but for now he's still hanging on to what was the Society, and is confused.

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