Saturday, April 5, 2014

God Would Have Killed Them ALL! | 1APR2014 Sermon Fr. Joe Pfeiffer in Wanganui NZ

The idolatry of the Jews, only a few weeks after God delivered them out of Egypt.  Moses pleaded for the mercy of God.  God was angry and was ready to destroy His people Israel, all 600,000 of them!

Moses saved those who were on God's side, then destroyed 30,000 of them in one day!  Moses is a type of Christ.  

One day, Jesus will call those who are on God's side, and then we shall see His anger and wrath upon the damned.

Need a quick review of Bible History?  Here's an online book in the time of Pope Leo XIII published with his blessing by the Benziger Brothers in 1890s.  

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