Sunday, March 16, 2014

St. Mary's Resistance Website Resists the Resistance | Attacks Fr. Joe Pfeiffer

Operation Survival the blog, which once supported the site from St. Mary's, KS called "OurLadysResistance", has now removed links to this website.  They seemed to have taken a mission to attack Fr. Pfeiffer and accuse him of spreading lies... I guess the reason for this is probably because he believes that Pope Francis is a Pope, even if he's a bad pope and this doesn't agree with their agenda. They present some believable research quoting some his sermons.  Of everything they have on their website, the Attack on Fr. Pfeiffer button is in the top 10th of their page, evidently to ensure its supporters know about it.

OurLadysResistance website believes wholeheartedly in the "Siri Thesis", and believe he's the "last true Pope", but also they believe there's another Pope right now known as Pope Gregory XVIII, but his whereabouts and location are unknown.  This is another effort to show their superiority in thinking to that of John Vennari.  This blog makes no comment on the status of John Vennari and his stance on the current fight for truth.  

More on OurLadysResistance dot org website:
They refuse the title of sedevacantist for this reason I guess.  I don't recall reading all of this until they gained a lot of attention from the Resistance crowd.  Seems some of us didn't notice how far they would go to drawing the good faithful down the tubes of exciting stories and reasons for the conciliar popes and their scandals.  

Please know that Benny Bosco (that's me) and this blog no longer support this site due to the above mentioned theories, and now attacks on Fr. Joe Pfeiffer for maintaining his stance, as Archbishop Lefebvre did.  Looks like they've done a bit of research, and put together a good attack using Father's own words.  

What else is new?

....getting attacked from the Modernists on one side, getting attacked from Sedevacantists on the other.

Thanks for updating your "safe list" of places to learn from on the internet.

Let us follow Archbishop Lefebvre in his mission of Operation Survival, and recall St. John Bosco's Two Pillars amidst the Storm.  

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