Tuesday, March 18, 2014

VII threw off the True Faith, Modern World throws off the Natural Law | Fr. David Hewko 16MAR14

Father Hewko illustrates the times. 

Contained in the sermon video below;

The Horrible laws of the world. The devil is so happy with kids caught up in computer games of the virtual world. It's far more healthy to play outside, even with the cuts and scrapes. Let the children be in the real world, with real things, with real toys. Kids are losing their minds, to deal with reality. All of this computer age provides the opportunity to make it easier to get them hooked on vice.  

It's true, Traditional Catholics are a hard-headed people, and it's good that they are.  They have to stand up against so many things, the new catechism, etc.  Sometimes they hit heads with each other, but we have to have that charity that comes from the True Catholic Faith.  

The Jews of the Old Testament were never supposed to talk to Non-Jews, but Our Lord shows us the real charity, even talking to the adultress and the worst of sinners.  Let's be the Light of the World.

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