Monday, January 13, 2014

Tradition CANNOT Return to the Church! Tradition IS the Church | January 12, 2014 from Fr. Joe Pfeiffer | Veneta,Oregon about India

Father Régis de Cacqueray is being prayed
for by the French Priests, for him to stand up.
Pray January 16, 2014
Fr. Joe Pfeiffer gives an update from Veneta, Oregon about the goings on in India between the SSPX and the Resistance Movement as well as the Situation in France.  Lots of priests joining the Resistance and leaving the SSPX official.

SSPX condemnations of Archbishop Lefebvre's book in France and other scandals in France from the liberal priests.  One SSPX sells it, another does not.  Bishop Fellay orders the book prohibited.

Father talks about the craziness of the New Rosary Crusade of Bishop Fellay.  Tradition cannot return to the Church!  Church is Tradition!

Comments about Father Régis de Cacqueray and Bishop Tissier

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