Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Intellectual Battle of the Resistance | Sermon on All Saints by Fr. Chazal

Fr. Chazal preaches on the feast of All Saints (1NOV13) from Veneta, Oregon, where he explains the intellectual battle that is the Resistance Movement to the Neo-Society of Saint Pius X.  Even the young must do their research and reading.  Remain poor in spirit.  This world is all pride.  Pride is behind the surface of all of those who are in hell.  This is a fight where the weaker ones can more more easily.  Let us not have a high opinion of ourselves... do not believe in some sort of infallibility of the Resistance....No!

He says it's not about slapping Bishop Fellay in the face, or even deposing of him....it's about uprooting the errors!

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