Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Seminary in Boston, KY SSPX Resistance | Fr. David Hewko

Sermon from Fr. Hewko, just uploaded on 26OCT13. Opening of the Seminary.


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    1. The teaching staff at St. Peregrine Academy is highly qualified, experienced. The parents are extremely grateful to the teachers for providing an excellent Catholic education for their children. In a joint effort of charity, the teachers dedicate themselves to the formation of the minds and hearts of their students. The children respond with diligence, and a genuine love for their teachers.

      Come and see for yourselves!

  2. St. Peregrine Academy is working marvels in the students who attend. The parents of these students are extremely grateful for the quality of education their children receive from the excellent teaching staff. The teachers show immense dedication and love towards all the children, who love them dearly in return. This is the spirit and reality at St. Peregrine Academy. Come and see for yourselves!


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