Sunday, October 13, 2013

Need a Booster Shot? Spiritual "Injection" (Sermon) by Fr. Joe Pfeiffer | KC, MO 6OCT13

This is another great sermon by Fr. Joe Pfeiffer last Sunday (20th Sunday after Pentecost) from Kansas City, MO. The objective truth and the subjective acts towards that reality. Is it true that we are on the winning side? Did Our Lord not say that not one hair upon our head shall perish?  If we have fear of the fight, that's foolishness, but we all have this, at least a little bit, "but Our Lord loves us anyway", so let's ask for the grace to take courage in the battles before us, because we know we will win the WAR! Eleazar Maccabeus is an example of the type of warriors needed today. He wasn't crushed to death by the elephant, he was swallowed up in victory. (St. Ambrose reference) 

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