Sunday, October 20, 2013

Holy Sacrifice of the Mass of Our Lord Jesus Christ | Low Mass-Fr. David Hewko

Watch Fr. David Hewko offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass according to the Traditional Roman Rite.  This mass is a Low Mass offered at Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Boston, Kentucky.  This chapel and the property it is located on, will serve as the first Traditional Catholic Seminary established in the United States by the Resistance Priests who were forced to continue the work of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre outside the mainstream Neo-SSPX aka XSPX.  Frs. Hewko and Pfeiffer, and many more who have aligned themselves with the Resistance movement, continue to travel constantly ALL OVER THE WORLD....after one year of speaking out against the change of doctrine and public manifestation of the liberalism and modernism that has spread throughout the leadership of the FSSPX, headquartered in Menzigen.  Even though the Superior General, Bishop Fellay is starting to show some attitudes and speech such as he used to use in 2003 before the Doctrinal talks with Rome, the Resistance priests and the faithful who have left the SSPX...., are not fooled.  Small phrases here and there, pitiful backpeddling without actions......these so-called "reaffirmations" are not enough to undo the damage and confusion that has plagued the "last bastion" of Catholic Tradition.  No, the resistance shows no signs of dimishing, rather what was once called miniature and a passing fad, has now become worldwide organization and alliance of thousands of faithful, made up of mostly those who have voluntarily left the SSPX chapels out of disgust and hopelessness.....rather than lay souls who were persuaded and sought out to betray the SSPX many have claimed.

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