Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sermon about "Pious Devils" | by Fr. Chazal from Sydney Australia, late June 2013

Fr Francois Chazal delivers sermon for the Catholic Faithful in line with the hard stance of Archbishop
Lefebvre, and who are now in Resistance to the Neo-SSPX and the current superiors of the Society.

Topics: Initial assessment of the Bishops Declaration given on 27 June 2013 by the Three Bishops of the SSPX.  

It looks very Traditional, like the website of the Institute of Christ the King, etc. the laces and the fringes, the beautiful seminary in Florence... the big "castle" seminary in Virginia, there is such a thing as a "pious devil", like a "doctrinally strong devil".... how is it possible that Pope Francis will allow us to come in and attack Vatican II....this is one of the great "liberal illusions" within the SSPX today.  This the big illusion of Dom Gerard in 1988 (when he left Archbishop Lefebvre near the time of the 1988 Consecrations)

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