Sunday, June 16, 2013

True Catholic Religion VS New Religion | Sermon +.Conference by HE Bishop Williamson, June 5, 2013 from Singapore

His Excellency explains the "insanity" of the Romans who fight against the True Religion!  The NewSociety (Neo-SSPX) like the Newchurch (Vatican II Conciliar church)

 God bless, Ave Maria!  

Additionally an "informal" conference with His Excellency in Singapore about the Diabolical Attacks against the True Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Catholic Religion is the Only True Religion...

Adds insightful comments about the actions of Fr. Schmidberger as Superior General, thinking that he knew better than Archbishop Lefebvre....believed in Rome and the Line of the Archbishop, which cannot's an impossibility.

The Liberalism of Bishop Fellay comes out after his election as Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X in his 30's.

Once you catch the disease of Modernism....

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