Thursday, March 28, 2013

Resistance/Tradition in Brazil | History of Salvador-Fr. Jahir Advice for SSPX Crisis

Fr. Jahir gives his take on the SSPX Crisis, gives answers to questions asked by Frs. Pfeiffer/Hewko, with translations from Portuguese to English.  Says that Fr. Pfeiffer and Fr. Chazal may even have spoken out too late (ref May 2012).  

Fr. Jahir has noticed the slide towards liberalism by the leadership in the SSPX as early as 2007.  

For those SSPX priests who have already realized the crisis and liberal infiltration...and have done nothing about it, or have remained silent out of obedience (like after Vatican II) ...God has taken away their reason, and it may already be too late for them.  

Speaking about Bishop Fellay, Fr. Jahir refers to his words in the letter to the three Bishops as "shameful".  Also indicates that Bishop Fellay should have been removed at the General Chapter. 

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