Sunday, March 24, 2013

Priests Retreat Talk given by Bishop Williamson | Boston, KY, December 2012

Ave Maria! 

Traditional Catholic ever still....and faithful to Archbishop Lefebvre!  

His Excellency, Bishop Williamson speaking to the Priests of the Resistance.  

A very down to earth, HE Bishop Williamson reads and explains the signs of the times, forecasting the "almost defeat" of the Church, in order, no doubt, to help them to better understand the persecutions which have come upon those who maintain and carry on the mission that was given to them at their ordination.

Over an hour and a half, and a great listen if you haven't heard this yet!  May the SSPX priests still in the Mainstream SSPX realize and listen, that now, as during the days of Vatican II, they should resist, SPEAK OUT, rather than remain silent out of obedience to their superiors.  

Remain faithful to Eternal Rome and to the strong stance and arguments of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, especially the Declaration of 1974 that needs no modification.

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