Monday, March 25, 2013

Palm Sunday Sermon by Fr. David Hewko 24 March 2013

+Ave Maria+
What an excellent sermon for the beginning of Holy Week, by Fr. David Hewko.  Father gives many details, reminders, and sheds the light on some things that Our Lord underwent that you may have not heard before!  Have you heard of the Veil of Manoppello?  It is located in Italy and contains the same blood (as scientifically proven) in the Shroud of Turin.  He reaffirms the Catholic doctrine on the Old Covenant of the Jews, and the rending of the veil in the Temple at the death of Our Lord Jesus Christ as yet another sign that Jesus Christ is the True Messiah and fulfilled all that the old law foretold.  

Please pray for Fr. Hewko and the priests courageously resisting during these dark days, where even Traditional Catholics cower at speaking out against this same Modernist Rome... who continues along the same path, unconverted.  

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