Tuesday, December 18, 2012

SSPX Crisis Conference (almost 2 hours) by HE Bishop Williamson

Wow!  What a great way to catch up and learn so much about what exactly is going on by a True Shepherd of Souls!  He is so clear and precise, giving so much guidance and understanding how to interpret everything that is going on.  Thank you Your Excellency!

Explains the mindset of the "Sweetie Pie" Superiors of the Society of Saint Pius X in Menzingen.  

OTHER BIG POINTS MADE: (in my words)
Those who want to push through a pre-mature deal with the Romans, the Conciliar Church, use the words and quotes and actions of Archbishop Lefebvre prior to the 1988 Consecrations, saying that he wanted to make a deal.  However, the Archbishop himself admitted that he "went too far" in trying to get the Romans occupying the Vatican to care for Tradition, and defend it for the good of the Church.

If Rome is not for the Faith, then we forget about Rome until Rome comes back to Tradition!

Stay away from NewRome!

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