Thursday, December 13, 2012

Is the Son God? / The Death of Arius

Q. Is the Son God?

A. The Son is God and the second Person of the Blessed Trinity.

About three hundred years after the time of Our Lord, Arius, a priest of Constantinople, began to teach that Christ was not God. He gained many followers, but he and his heresy were condemned in the Council of Nicaea. Later, however, the Emperor Constantine espoused his cause and ordered the Bishop of Constantinople to restore him to the communion of the Church. The bishop was helpless, and could only beg God to avert such a scandal.

Nor did God refuse his petition. When Arius with
his followers came in joyful procession to the cathedral door, the heretic was suddenly seized with dreadful spasms, and having fled to a private room for relief, he remained so long that his friends went in search of him. They found him in the closet, livid and dead, the floor strewn with his blood and intestines. His body had burst asunder like that of the traitor Judas.

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