Friday, December 7, 2012

Fr Hector Bolduc's Sermon Against the Lies of our Times: 3 SEP 12

This very powerful sermon, I believe, was recorded seven days before Fr. Hector Bolduc died. With his body full of cancer, Fr. Hector Bolduc "died with his boots on", as Fr. Joe Pfeiffer remarked during his Requiem Masses. Fr. Bolduc was one of the great pioneers of Traditional Catholicism in the United States, and a close confidante of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.  No one priest of the Society of Saint Pius X accomplished as much visible fruit for the cause of Tradition as Fr. Bolduc, as the properties of the SSPX in Kansas City, St. Mary's, KS, and Dickinson, TX were due in part to his labors and determination.  


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