Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Archbishop Lefebvre speaks, 1976: "We are not of this new religion!"

“We are not of this new religion! We do not accept this new religion! We are of the religion of all time; we are of the Catholic religion. We are not of this “universal religion” as they call it today—this is not the Catholic religion any more. We are not of this liberal, modernist religion which has its own worship, its own priests, its own faith, its own catechisms, its own “ecumenical Bible. We cannot accept these things. They are contrary to our faith. It is an immense, immense pain for us, to think that we are in difficulty with Rome because of our faith! We are in a truly dramatic situation. We have to choose an appearance of disobedience—for the Holy Father cannot ask us to abandon our faith; it is impossible, impossible! We choose not to abandon our faith, for in that we cannot go wrong.”

-Archbishop Lefebvre, Ordination Sermon, June 29.1976;
cf. http://www.angelusonline.org/index.php?section=articles&subsection=show_article&article_id=72

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