Monday, November 5, 2012

Who is God? The Godless Innkeeper from Catholic Anecdotes

Q. Who is God?
A. God is the Creator of heaven and earth, and of all things.


Those who deny God often speak against their own conviction. Two travelers one evening arrived at an inn, the landlord of which was a professed  atheist. Having taken rooms for the night, after dinner they sat at the open window, contemplating  the starry vault of heaven and admiring the omnipotence of the Creator and the beauty of His works. The innkeeper, overhearing their conversation, laughed  at them as a couple of fools, declaring there was no God ; all was evolved in the course of nature. Soon  afterward the travelers retired to rest, and the landlord was not long in following their example.

In the dead of the night a fire broke out in an adjoining house ; our host was awakened by the barking of dogs and the glare of the conflagration. Hurrying out, he was seen to throw up his arms,  and, looking up to heaven, he cried, "O merciful God, spare my house ; do not let it be burned down !"

 By this time the travelers also were awake, and, hearing him, they called out :  "Yesterday you declared there was no God ; now you are imploring His help. It is not likely that He will  grant your prayer ; on the contrary, He will punish you for your impious denial of Him." 

So it came to pass, for very shortly afterward the inn, too, was in flames. Even atheists call upon God when they are in trouble.

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