Monday, November 19, 2012

We are the True Church: Rome has a New Religion: by Fr. Hewko

 The following video contains Five 1/2 minutes of a 30+ Minute Sermon given on 
18 November, 2012 in Boston, Kentucky, headquarters of the Resistance movement known as the 
Society of Saint Pius X 
of the Strict Observance.

Many have kept the faith thanks to Archbishop Lefebvre. 

"We are not worried about being outside the Church..." - Archbishop Lefebvre

 Bishop Fellay used to say, "Don't make a false agreement with Rome, it will be your destruction" he did with Campos... 

 Now he uses the language of the modernists.

Listen to how he talks now... so many chances to speak clearly the Catholic Faith, and now he sounds just like 
Pope John Paul II or Pope Benedict.

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