Monday, November 12, 2012

Transcripts of Sermons from Fr. Pfeiffer, Fr. Chazal, Fr. Hewko, and more

Sample from Fr. Hewko's sermon;

"Ten years ago, on June 29th, Father Reuter and I were there present for the death of Father John of the Cross, ten years ago. Father John of the Cross was a model monk and priest. He taught us many things. He said many things along with some of the pearls of wisdom he left us was he said, he said that monks, and we could add priests and probably nuns too, monks when they’re young they look holy but they’re not. And when they are middle aged they don’t look holy and they’re not. And when they are old and bent over and feeble they don’t look holy but they are. And that defines the life of holiness that is an everyday battle for the sanctification of our own soul as priests. To drink every day from the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ the King. There we draw our strength. 

(~ 01:50) And to fulfill the one request, as Bishop Sheen says, the one request, he asks of his priests, and Father Reuter, I am sure you probably do already, and I encourage you to do this your whole priestly life aside also from the breviary which is very powerful, aside also from the Holy Mass we offer here today, is the holy hour. 
“Will you not spend one hour with Me?” And it is there you will find your light, your strength, your wisdom, your romance, your love, your death, your glory. For Jesus Christ the King dwells there for us in the Blessed Sacrament, and for the priest and for all the religious and for the faithful, that is our strength, and it shows the outpouring of God’s love. "Deus Caritas Est" says Saint John, "God is charity". And he pours out His love to souls, like a second flood over the human race to drown us as it were in the incredible love of God. He gives us today a beautiful day, the sun, the gravity, the planets, in perfect mathematical circulation. He gives us the air we breathe, and He gives His life in our soul by grace, and He gives us His own Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity in the Holy Eucharist."

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