Saturday, November 10, 2012


Q. How is the soul like to God ?
A. The soul is like God because it is a spirit that will never die, and has understanding and free will.

The soul of man is immortal. St. Augustine
relates the manner in which a God-fearing physician in Carthage, named Gennadius, was divinely
instructed concerning the immortality of the soul.The good man doubted whether there was a future life ; he thought man's existence ended at death. One night he had this dream. He thought he saw
a youth standing before him in shining garments, who looked fixedly at him, and asked :
" Are you asleep or awake?" Tbe physician answered: "I
am asleep."  "Can you see me?" his nocturnal visitor inquired. "Yes, I see you," was the reply.
"How do you see me?" was the next query;  "do you see me with your eyes?"  "I do not see you
with my eyes ; I do not know in what way I see you," the physician answered.
"Do you hear me?"  the youth said. " Yes, I hear you."
"How do you hear
me ; do you hear me with your ears ?
" the youth pur
sued. "I do not hear you with my ears ; I do not
know by what means I hear you," was the answer.
" Are you speaking now ?
" the youth again inquired.
"Yes, I am speaking." "How are you speaking;
are you speaking by your mouth ?
"I am not
speaking with my lips ; I know not wherewith I am
speaking," replied the physician. Thereupon the
angel spoke thus to him :
" The action of your
senses is now suspended, yet you see, hear, and speak ;
a time will come when your senses will be rendered
totally incapable of action by the hand of death, and
yet you will be able to see, to hear, to speak, and to
feel." Then the angel vanished, and the physician
awoke. From that day forth he was troubled with
no doubts, but firmly believed in the existence of the
soul after the death of the body. The soul, in fact,
is a prisoner in the body, but so unfettered that
when the prison falls, the prisoner goes free.

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