Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fr Hewko's "The Uncaging of the Lion" Sermon: Bishop Williamson to help Priests in Kentucky!

Bishop Williamson will offer a Retreat in Boston, Kentucky! (listen to sermon on YouTube found embedded at the bottom of this post)  He will offer a retreat for about 15 priests of the SSPX in Boston, Kentucky, the Headquarters of  those priests "so-called" expelled from the Society of Saint Pius X, who incidentally, refer to themselves as the Society of Saint Pius X, sometimes adding "of the Strict Observance", SSPXSO, as you may see it written.  These priests (SSPXSO) believe that they have not changed their teachings and they remain in line with Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, whereas the the Neo-SSPX has clearly shifted towards Modernism... with the desire to place themselves back under Rome prior to a clear Roman conversion back to Tradition, with the removal of the Novus Ordo Missae, which Archbishop Lefebvre called "a bastard mass".  Many more justifications for their actions can be found elsewhere on this blog as well as sermons available from, and various users on YouTube (search on SSPX Crisis).

 Frs Joseph Pfeiffer and Francois Chazal have been most widely known for their powerhouse sermons and well researched points against any agreement with Rome.  In reward for speaking out against the errors and dangers of a deal with an unconverted Rome, they  have been expelled by their Superiors. 
Bishop Williamson was also recently "thrown out" of the Society of Saint Pius X by Bishop Fellay and the Superiors of the SSPX.

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