Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fr. Hewko's Sermon from the First Mass in Connecticut: You are the True Visible Roman Catholic Church

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre was "prepared for this age"....
"had a clear distinction"  
..even though we don't feel like we are the True Catholic Church... we are!

Highlights of this Sermon
-Beware of this new teaching about the visibility of the Church...they are more deceptive.
-Idea that Rome is coming back to Tradition, we are praying the Rosary for this, but the Pope has NOT yet Consecrated Russia, we are still in a daily warfare....  Rome appears to have taken steps towards Tradition, but don't be deceived!  It sounds good that the Pope has freed the Latin Mass, but it's a deception because the Summorum Pontificum says that the Novus Ordo stays the Norm!

From Pablo's 469fitter Channel on YouTube!

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