Tuesday, October 30, 2012

November 2: All Souls: Lives of the Saints Butlers 1894 Benziger

November 2.—ALL-SOULS.
THE Church teaches us that the souls of the just who
have left this world soiled with the stain of venial
sin remain for a time in a place of expiation, where they
suffer such punishment as may be due to their offences. It
is a matter of faith that these suffering souls are relieved
by the intercession of the Saints in heaven and by the
prayers of the faithful upon earth. To pray for the dead
is, then, both an act of charity and of piety. We read in
Holy Scripture : " It is a holy and wholesome thought to
pray for the dead, that they may be loosed from sins."
And when Our Lord inspired St. Odilo, Abbot of Cluny,
towards the close of the tenth century, to establish in his
Order a general commemoration of all the faithful departed,
it was soon adopted by the whole Western Church,
and has been continued unceasingly to our day. Let us,
then, ever bear in mind the dead and offer up our prayers
for them. By showing this mercy to the suffering souls in
purgatory, we shall be particularly entitled to be treated
with mercy at our departure from this world, and to share
more abundantly in the general suffrages of the Church,
continually offered for all who have slept in Christ.

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