Tuesday, October 30, 2012

November 1: Feast of All Saints, Lives of the Saints Butlers

November 1:—ALL-SAINTS.
THE Church pays, day by day, a special veneration to
some one of the holy men and women who have
helped to establish it by their blood, develop it by their
labors, or edify it by their virtues. But, in addition to
those whom the Church honors by special designation, or
has inscribed in her calendar, how many martyrs are there
whose names are not recorded ! How many humble virgins
and holy penitents! How many just and holy anchorites
or young children snatched away in their innocence ! How
many Christians who have died in grace, whose merits are
known only to God, and who are themselves known only in
heaven ! Now should we forget those who remember us in
their intercessions? Besides, are they not our brethren,
our ancestors, friends, and fellow-Christians, with whom
we have lived in daily companionship —in other words,
our own family? Yea, it is one family; and our place is
marked out in this home of eternal light and eternal love.

Reflection.—Let us have a solicitude to render ourselves
worthy of "that chaste generation, so beautiful amid the
glory where it dwells."

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